Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winnipeg Parent Magazine February 2016

The following article will appear in the February 2016 issue of Winnipeg Parent Magazine. 

The Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools

The mission of the Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools (MFIS) is “To support and encourage high educational standards and the values unique to our various school communities and to represent the interest and concerns of independent schools in Manitoba.” MFIS represents a community of schools that share a common commitment to parental choice, diversity, and excellence in education. Currently, 50 of Manitoba’s 60 funded independent schools are members of MFIS. Member schools reflect the diversity of the Manitoba population: Anglican, Baptist, Canadian Reformed, Catholic, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Lutheran, Mennonite, Seventh – Day Adventist, Sikh, non-denominational and non-faith based. Collectively, these schools currently serve close to 14,000 students and their families.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted and proclaimed by the United Nations in 1948, declares in Article 26 that, “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.” The member schools of MFIS believe that parents should have full opportunity to exercise their right to choose a school whose philosophy, values and approach to teaching is right for their child. Independent schools are a vital part of the educational fabric of Manitoba because they provide alternative choices for parents. Without such options, there would be few authentic parental choices available. Successive governments in Manitoba have affirmed this right in their support of independent schools.  Such an approach supports a respectful and tolerant society that values inclusion over division.


If it is true that societies should be judged by how they treat their minorities, then we in Manitoba are indeed fortunate. Manitoba’s educational system should be applauded for respecting the rights of minorities in their support of independent schools.  The member schools of MFIS believe that it is vitally important that we strengthen the educational mosaic of Manitoba and respect the diverse heritage, culture and faith of the communities we serve.


The member schools of MFIS value the pursuit of high moral and academic standards for the students we serve. Our schools strive to encourage all aspects of our students’ intellectual and personal capabilities by providing challenging learning environments where students strive to reach their full potential as individuals and as contributing members of society. 

At MFIS we believe that we can strengthen the educational system in Manitoba by promoting choice, diversity and excellence. For more information on independent education in Manitoba and member schools visit the MFIS website at