Sunday, January 22, 2017

Winnipeg Parent Magazine February 2017

The following will appear in the February 2017 issue of Winnipeg Parent Magazine.

Choosing the Right School

Choosing the right school for your children is no easy task, but it could be the most important decision you make this year! The Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools (MFIS) can help. The mission of MFIS is “To support and encourage high educational standards and the values unique to our various school communities and to represent the interest and concerns of independent schools in Manitoba.” MFIS represents a community of schools that share a common commitment to parental choice, diversity, and excellence in education. Currently 50 of Manitoba’s funded independent schools are members of MFIS. Member schools reflect the diversity of the Manitoba population: Anglican, Baptist, Canadian Reformed, Catholic, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Lutheran, Mennonite, Seventh – Day Adventist, Sikh, non-denominational and non-faith based. Collectively, these schools currently serve over 14,000 students and their families.

The member schools of MFIS value the pursuit of excellence for the students we serve. Our schools strive to encourage all aspects of our students’ intellectual and personal capabilities by providing challenging learning environments where students strive to reach their full potential as individuals and as contributing members of society. We know that parents are looking for schools that foster and provide their children with the kind of critical thinking, creativity, and persistence required for future success. In today’s rapidly changing society with its complex challenges it is more important than ever to also provide our students with a solid ethical and moral footing to help guide them throughout their lives. Our member schools strive to see our students well prepared for the very different future that awaits them where they will help to contribute to the common good.

At MFIS we believe that we can strengthen the educational system in Manitoba by promoting parental choice, diversity and excellence. Find the independent schools and explore open houses in your neighbourhood by visiting the MFIS website at

Bruce Neal
Executive Director

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